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How To clean Black Leather Loafers

How to wash black leather loafers
I’ve a pair of Ferragamo leather-based loafers, which I, sadly, had to walk in three inches of snow, as a result of snowstorm within the East Coast last week. When i got dwelling, I immediately positioned shoe trees in them and placed them within the garage to air them out. After a day, I noticed white smudges all around the sneakers. I tried wiping them off with a gentle cloth and water, and it vanished, however got here back when it dried up. Any ideas

Ferragamo Alligator Grain Suede Leather Loafers Grey

(I am hoping no one replies with “Purchase new ones…”)|||Sure. Use Saddle フェラガモ Soap. It’s a cleaning soap that used for use for cleaning leather-based saddles and it’s nontoxic, does not harm the leather-based however will clear out any salt. Kiwi sells some at Wal-mart.|||My vote is saddle cleaning soap (go gentle on the buy cheap ferragamo shoes water usage), and then polish and buff once they dry out totally.