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Good morning, Everyone! I hope you all had a beautiful weekend. You may have observed I’ve been wearing much more white currently. In ferragamo brown purse fact for the past few weeks, I’ve developed quite an obsession with this specific color, to the point the place I must combat the urge to put on head-to-toe white on every day basis. Don’t really know what it is de facto, but I feel that after sporting a lot shade for the past few years, I feel like cleansing my pallet a bit, so to speak. White feels cool, crisp and refreshing in the intervening time, so I suppose I stopped preventing and surrendered. The upside of wearing white after all is that I can pair it with accessories in an infinite number of colours. But I must admit, currently I am significantly drawn to the mix of white and wealthy browns. Though these colors work very well together, I suspect the true cause I’ve been sporting this combination a lot recently is as a result of I am simply a little obsessive about my new Ferragamo sunglasses and watch from the Buckle Assortment. Polished, elegant and fashionable, they look nice with ferragamo brown purse casual and dressed up seems to be, and pair beautifully with just about anything from jeans and tailored pieces.

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