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Where Have you Gone, John

In the course of John McCain’s dopey Britney & Paris attack advert, the announcer gravely asks of Barack Obama: “Is He Ready to lead ” An equally good question is whether or not McCain is prepared to steer. For a man who will turn seventy two this month, he is a surprisingly immature politician–erratic, impulsive and topic to peer strain from the final knucklehead who ferragamo driver moccasin affords him recommendation. The youthful insouciance that for many years has helped McCain charm reporters like me is now channeled into an ad that one GOP strategist labeled “juvenile,” one other termed “childish” and McCain’s personal mom referred to as “silly.” The Obama campaign’s new mantra is that McCain is “an honorable man operating a dishonorable marketing campaign.” Lame is extra like it. And out of sync with the real man.

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After all, it might work. Perhaps depicting Obama as a presumptuous and vaguely overseas presence will resonate. (Why else would certainly one of McCain’s slogans be “An American president for America” ) Perhaps voters will agree with McCain campaign manager Rick Davis, who performed the fussy card last week by arguing the central importance to the way forward for the republic of Obama’s taste for “MET-Rx chocolate roasted peanut protein bars and bottles of a tough-to-find natural brew known as Black Forest Berry Trustworthy Tea.” (Davis someway forgot to mention McCain’s own preference for $520 Ferragamo shoes.) Possibly convincing nervous white voters that Obama is another Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson in his use of racial grievance politics will carry McCain to the White House.

But this is not 1988, when Vice President George Bush turned Michael Dukakis into an unpatriotic coddler of criminals. (Bush that yr had a preferred president and a strong economy behind him.) And it’s not 2004, when his son Swift-Boated John Kerry. (The president would have probably received anyway by playing on post-9/eleven worry.) This yr, McCain is operating under a tattered Republican banner, with more than 80 percent of the public pondering the nation is on the mistaken track. With out some compelling imaginative and prescient past support for offshore drilling, the negativity might effectively boomerang. “It’s exhausting to imagine America responding to ‘small ball’ when now we have all these problems,” says John Weaver, McCain’s chief strategist in 2000 who was pushed out of the campaign final yr.