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Why Did not You Get Yours Monogrammed

Anjou MM vs. Goyard GM
Goyard monogram options

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You asked, I am answering! I know this is such a hot subject with all of you. After i posted to my stories and instagram while in Paris, I shared that I bought a bag at Goyard. In turn, I received soooo might DM’s and e-mails with questions!

I additionally shared on this submit before I traveled to Paris, that I was excited to purchase a Goyard bag, but like plenty of you, I had so many questions.

If you aren’t aware of Goyard, it’s a French luxury brand with a wealthy history. You’ll be able to learn all concerning the historical past, right here. City and Nation additionally has a really great article on the trend house as well as Purse Weblog’s article with some nice information.

For this post, I am going to kind the knowledge as a Q + A. Like I discussed above, you all had so many questions and I need to make sure I’m in a position to handle all of them all in as soon as place so I am in a position to hyperlink to it sooner or later!

What bag did you choose
The St. Louis tote GM in grey.
Which different baggage have been you considering
The Artois and the Anjou.

Where did you buy your bag
Goyard on Rue Saint Honore. There are two areas and they’re throughout the street from eachother. You’ll be able to shop at both.

What was the procuring expertise like I hear they had been rude.
It was true luxurious. You are let in by a doorman. You are solely allowed in with a 1 to 1 ratio of poeple to salespeople. One of the Goyard boutiques was ferragamo f80 gmt full (and by full, it means there were like 5 people inside), so I went to the other one across the street. I used to be greeted by my salesperson and she was with me the whole time. Only one other buyer was in the shop whereas I used to be.

Virtually every little thing is displayed in a ravishing approach, however not essentially all of the colors. I requested to see the St. Louis totes in both sizes, the artois, and the anjou (in several colours). She brought them all out for me and left me loads of time to look over each piece, ask questions and decide which one I would need to leave with.

She was very educated, polite, welcoming, and was more than pleased to help in any approach. I had additionally read that the sales associates can provide off a snobby vibe and I did not feel that at all. They were not pushy to sell me something.

I also felt comfortable taking iPhone photos in the shop. I read critiques saying it was ‘shunned’ to do so, but I figured, I am spending a lot, so I’ll do what I would like! She had completely no issues with me doing so and truly inspired it when I used to be debating between the PM or GM sizes so I could see what they seemed like on my body.

The interior was incredibly beautiful, very homey and curated. It was every bit as high end and magical as I anticipated. I spent a total of about 30-forty five minutes there from start to complete.

Why grey
I wished a ‘special shade’, which is something aside from black (you can select from black with black leather trim or black with tan/brown trim). Don’t get me wrong, I feel the black is beautiful, but I needed to make use of the bag within the summer, too, and I do not really put on much black in the course of the summer months. I’ve a grey Ferragamo bag that I use SO often so I knew gray can be an awesome yr-spherical neutral for me.

Is there something important I have to know earlier than purchasing
You should have your passport with you for the VAT tax forms. The salesperson will ask for it as you are checking out and basically do all the things for you.

This is something I didn’t know. I purchased two men’s wallets as gifts. I needed to purchase two black wallets with tan trim. Goyard has a policy that you can not buy two of the same thing in a calendar 12 months. Crazy, proper I assume whenever you think about it, although, it’s great becuase they are attempting exhausting to stop folks from shopping for a ton of bags in Paris and reselling them for revenue. So I needed to get a black on black wallet and a brown on black wallet. Which was nice, but if you are going to buy a tote and your BFF wants you to get her the same one, you cannot! If you’re traveling with another person, though, you would have them purchase it for you.

The particular colours value extra. I find this to be ridiculous, but that’s the case. I want I may remember the worth difference however it is deifnitely a very good chunk of change difference.

In case you select the Anjou, you must get yours monogrammed. Kind of an odd observe, but I suppose they need to maintain folks from reselling them.

Why did you end up with the St. Louis over the Artois
Going into the shop, I was virtually set on the Artois. After doing what analysis I could online and after hearing from a bunch of you, I figured the Artois could be a extra sensible resolution because it has a zipper, thicker canvas and reinforced corners. But, once I acquired into the shop and saw the Artois in particular person, it is is a particularly structured ‘ladylike’ handbag. It’s not slouchy and it is not a tote where you may simply throw all your stuff within the bag and ‘go’. It’s lovely, do not get me fallacious, but simply not the bag I used to be searching for.

I used to be buying the bag to be something I can travel with and one thing I can use daily that would be in a position to suit my 15- inch macbook and Nikon d610 digicam, plus different daily essentials. While I favored that the Artois felt ‘sturdier’, it just didn’t have that informal, slouchy really feel I was in search of. When you see them each in individual, they are two very totally different bags.

I additionally beloved that the St. Louis tote was essentially the most traditional option. It is really icnoic and will never exit of style (it might by no means really be ‘in’ fashion either and that is just what I like).

If I had to choose once more, I would still chooose gray. But, if I might choose a second color, I’d have chosen the navy blue or inexperienced. They have been such deep, rich colours.

Why did you select the GM over the PM
I knew going into the store that I would 99.9% just like the GM over the PM. I just love bigger baggage, however I also knew that my Macbook is 15 inches, so it needed to be in a position to fit that comfortably. The GM also has longer straps. The GM is far bigger than the PM… the PM is extra of a purse and the GM is a big tote.

Can you buy Goyard Online
You should buy them second-hand on sites like The real Real and Fashionphile. Both are very respected and make sure you might be getting excessive-quality, genuine designer items. You can’t buy new Goyard pieces on-line. You possibly can buy from Barney’s and Bergdorf’s in Manhattan, they even have a Goyard boutique, and there are a handful of different places to buy Goyard in the US.

Why didn’t you get yours monogrammed
I didn’t get mine monogrammed becuase I purchased it on the second to last day we had been there. It takes several days to weeks to have your bag customized painted and i didn’t need to have mine mailed again to me. However, I plan on getting my bag monogrammed within the US. I’m not in any rush because I believe I could wait until I am married to get it monogrammed. There may be an extra cost of $150+ to get it monogrammed. I am a hundred% on board with monogramming, though. I’m unsure what model I need, however I am thinking one thing simple like just my shadowed intials (skipping the stripes). Who knows, we’ll see!

How much did your bag value
I really feel weird speaking about the price, however this a really generally requested query becuase it is actually onerous to seek out actual information on-line. So I am sharing in hopes this provides others more data!

It price $1442.38 USD (a little bit lower than 1200 Euros). I receieved $164.Thirteen USD back after filling out the VAT Tax form. I submitted the VAT Tax varieties at the airport at one of the kiosks (before going through secutiry) on November 20th. I received my VAT Tax refund on December 28th. Making the total cost of the bag about $1280.

Is the worth worth it
No. But, for those who ask me if any of the designer handbags I have bought are price it, I’d also say no. I’d like to know the profit margin on a St. Louis tote. Moreover the hand craftmanship and (loads of arms-on man hours go into each Goyard piece), you are paying for luxury and a label and also you must be acutely aware that that’s what you might be paying for. It’s identical to Louis Vuitton. This is canvas. There just isn’t even that much leather-based to these luggage. But, I really believe they’re works of artwork.

I personally bought this becuase it isn’t as commonplace in the US as Louis Vuitton and i wanted a designer tote bag. I additionally noticed that it appeared like quite a lot of French ladies were carrying Goyard and i hardly ever saw the LV neverfull round Paris.

I additionally purchased it as my souvenir from Paris. I did not actually buy anything while there. I knew I might use the bag and it could remind me of fond reminiscences from my trip for years to return. I love the print and the model of the bag, I like the wealthy historical past and exclusivity. I really like that it is timeless and traditional. I wouldn’t buy the bag within the US just to have it, although. I would wait until you may get to Paris to a) save money, and b) have it mean something by shopping for it from the unique boutique!

Also one thing to consider is the resale value. Goyard bags are actually good investments. They are re-promoting heavily used for greater than I paid for my bag. The worth solely goes up yearly, so when you stored yours for a couple of years and ultimately needed to sell it, you’d greater than possible revenue over the sale.

How is the standard, I heard they are flimsy Can they hold weight
When you are feeling the bag for the primary time, you will be floored. The St. Louis tote is extremely flimsy. But, then you must remind your self, it was initially created as a beach tote and meant to fold up to be packable.

When you are feeling the Artois, you will see with great readability that it’s a a lot sturdier, quality bag. I will say that I have been using my St. Louis tote for about three months with day by day use and it hasn’t proven a little bit of wear. I am a kind of individuals who buys luxury goods and puts them to use… I’m not one to simply admire my fancy bag and be afraid to make use of it or mess it up. I wear the heck out of my shoes/equipment and the St. Louis tote is not any exception.

If you’re anxious concerning the wear and tear on you St. Louis, Goyard is able to repair and care for your bag. You could possibly even have leather placed on the bottom corners in case you are concerned.

As for holding a lot of weight, they hold A lot weight. I put Henry in my bag once as a joke. He’s 25 pounds. I continually carry my laptop, my (heavy) digital camera, a bottle of water, and a bunch of other issues and i have not had any points by any means.

Do you fear concerning the straps breaking or the underside corners wearing
I do not really fear, a) becuase it is a cloth merchandise and the whole lot wears ultimately. Sometimes, I even desire somewhat wear because I think that makes a bit looked love and has character. I also know that if issues start to put on, I can always have them mounted, too.

What is the distinction between the LV Neverfull Are they comparable
They’re very comparable in measurement and elegance. The LV neverfull simply feels heavier and extra durable. However, I personally love that you could choose totally different colours with the St. Louis tote and that it’s also possible to fold it up even more compactly for touring purposes.

I believe if you’re selecting between the two (they’re comparable in worth), you can’t really go unsuitable. They’ll each serve the aim as an excellent designer tote. I had wanted the neverfull for quite some time, however I actually forced myself to wait for the Goyard. To me, personally, the Goyard just feels a touch extra special because it was my Parisian souvenir!

Did you end up seeing the Faure le Web page model What did you think of that
Sure! I noticed it at Galleries Lafayette! I should have taken some photos. The pieces have been gorgeous. The tote appeared different than both a LV Neverfull and the St. Louis tote. It was extra structured so it reminded me extra of the Goyard Artois. It was still dear (can’t rememember the value, however nowhere near as costly as Goyard). I saw a number of folks carrying Fare Le Web page baggage out within the wild in Paris, so plainly they are becoming extra widespread.

How do you manage your St. Louis tote
I really like clear zipped pouches (like this and this) in any bag I exploit. I buy them once i discover them on sale and use those to arrange all my lipsticks, make-up wipes, and many others.

If you want an organizer, this is such a good one.

Ferragamo Plain-toe Pump in Black

General, are you pleased with your purchase
Very. I am so glad I held off on the LV neverfull and waited to go to Paris and purchase the St. Louis tote. It was a special expertise and the bag is such a beautiful reminder of my trip. It is stunning, traditional and i get use out of it each day. Folks truly cease me on the road (usually) to let me know that they, too, are additionally a Goyard fan.