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Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums, in partnership with Italian meals writer Csaba dalla Zorza, takes the artwork of storytelling a notch further with three tempting tales that includes Signorina Eau de Parfum, Signorina Eau de Toilette and Signorina Eleganza (and their key ferragamo ladies wallet elements). Each story is an odyssey of Signorina, entailing her trysts with exotic and delicious components, which eventually go away a lasting impression on her character.

Verve gives you a heads up on every of those fragrances, and you have to learn the tales that come along.

Signorina Eau de Toilette
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Gourmand notes: Rose oil, grapefruit, litchi.
Good for: The chic woman who celebrates her sensuality with a joyful ease.
Candy Story 1: The Tea Room
The tea room was a quiet and secluded place, distinguished by its fragrance: a warm mix of rose oil and grapefruit wafted from the teapots as the amber liquid was poured into the cups. It was a pleasure to sit on this room, a relaxing moment away from the social whirl of Florence with its bustling vacationers, busy shopkeepers, and ladies looking for something new. The door of the tea room was like an old exquisite chest. By tradition, only ladies of sixteen could open the door and on that particular birthday she turned a Signorina. Her mother would gift her a key perfumed with rose oil, a sign that she had entered a brand new world of magnificence, colours and scents. It was the key to the tea room the place the Signorinas would meet, or a place simply to be alone with one’s ideas.

Wanting in from the outside by the slender chinks of the home windows, it was hard to resist the temptation to go in. Each Signorina looked so stunning, carefree and ethereal. Some sipped aromatic cups of rose or grapefruit scented tea, others dipped homemade biscuits into glasses of milk adorned with a decorative edge. They had been illuminated by an enchanting gentle, and breathed in the cool, fragrant air that got here from the nearby backyard: a fragrance that absorbed naturally into their hair and pores and skin, the place it lingered until nightfall. Only Signorinas who had reached the age of sixteen have been allowed to enter the tea room, and could return every time they happy. It was great to see how often they frequented the magical room for years to come back, and stored the spirit of the Signorina deep in their hearts; at all times returning to breathe within the fragrance of the carefree atmosphere.

Signorina Eau de Parfum
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Gourmand notes: Pink berries, pannacotta, purple currants.
Excellent for: The elegant romantic who likes pink roses, candlelit dinners, basic chiffons and all things nice.
Candy Story 2: The Pink Pearl Necklaces
The home was a kind of historic mansions overlooking the water, whose noble aura stuffed the air and gave it a sure character. The home windows missed the Lungarno, offering a magnificent view of Florence. On May afternoons, when the sun tinged the waters of the Arno pink, the young Signorinas would come in from a stroll in the garden, the air full of the scent of pink berries. Within the centre of the backyard stood a uncommon tree that had been brought from the tropics by an explorer many years ago. Its spicy fragrance created a fairy-tale atmosphere, which also captivated the heart. The tree had lengthy branches hanging down around the trunk, and had found in Tuscany a place to serenely spread its roots. Yearly it produced plenty of round, pink berries, as gentle as a feather, which the Signorinas would string collectively like tiny pearls on silk threads, and put on round their necks and wrists, and of their hair along with gentle pink peonies.

Those mellow afternoons spent talking about goals, perfumes and love had been made much more enjoyable by the housekeeper, who would ship the three sisters dishes of her famous silky-smooth pannacotta, made much more fragrant by juicy pink-currants. The scent was a delight in itself and the gentle creamy texture made one long for one more spoonful…and gathering berries became a sheer delight.

At some point Lucrezia, Lavinia and Beatrice brought in a silk bag filled with berries from the pink pepper tree, and made intricate hair wreaths by interlacing them with peony stems and their perfumed leaves. Each Signorina choose to wear one at a night social gathering to have fun the fragrance of summer, when loves were born that have been destined to last. The treasured hair pieces complimented the gorgeous delicate dresses of the Signorinas, each in the hunt for a face to dream of, a scent to remember, and a kiss to steal within the pale moonlight…. So that they’d have another story to inform in the afternoon, lying in the shade beneath the aromatic pink pepper tree.

Signorina Eau de Eleganza
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Gourmand notes: Almond, pear.
Perfect for: The sophisticated girl who’s always ready to take the street less travelled.
Candy Story three: The Perfumed Painting
The artist’s road in Florence was a plethora of studios that displayed colourful canvases with a pungent odour of oil tempera in the air. Amongst the endless shows of splotches and daring colours was a magnificent almond tree, standing in front of the door of the only girl artist in the neighbourhood. The tree, which was surrounded by a gilded railing, was said to have been brought to Tuscany by a Phoenician princess.

The Signorina was working at her easel in the shade of the flowering almond tree. You couldn’t miss her: she had hair like spun gold, a gown the color of almonds, and her paintings have been redolent with the perfume of sun-drenched pears. The tip of her finely pointed brush traced refined and elegant lines that hardly appeared to contact the canvas; she was the only artist who didn’t depict the landscapes of lovely Florence, and the just one who continued to create pictures that were so gentle they seemed clear. She sprinkled the paintings with richly-perfumed gold dust and left them to dry in the solar so that their simplicity would dazzle anybody who handed by.

At some point a woman stopped beneath the Phoenician almond tree and requested the artist what she was painting. The Signorina replied: ‘Eleganza’, and confirmed her the canvas. The lady immediately fell in love with what she saw, and wanted the painting. She hung ‘Eleganza’ on the wall of her sitting room and admired its refined, gentle and genteel fashion. An understated beauty, as delicate because the fine brush of the artist, who painted beneath the almond tree.