You might know Ethan Peck from his function within the ABC Household collection 10 Issues I Hate About You, in which he played Patrick Verona (the late Heath Ledger’s position within the well-known 1999 film of the same identify). He occurs to be the grandson of famed actor Gregory Peck (fairly massive footwear to fill!) and appears in new films Eden and The Curse of Sleeping Beauty. Between his massive display tasks, Peck tried his hand as modeling, starring in Ferragamo’s Hollywood Legacy brief. Right here, the actor talks to VMAN about working with the Italian house, his legendary grandfather, his fashion pet peeves, and more.

What made Ferragamo really feel like the proper fit? Why do you think the brand approached you for the campaign?

ETHAN GREGORY PECK First of all, I was very honored and excited to be invited to work with them. They have persistently been the producers of unbelievable creations. Moreover, I do know they collaborated with my grandfather a few years ago, and it’s a remarkable feeling to continue that relationship. I think they approached me for the marketing campaign due to my lineage and the classical look I strive for. The minimize of their clothing is so effectively suited to my physique. It is an uplifting pleasure to wear Ferragamo.

Are you a follower of trend? How would you describe your private type?

EGP I am not an avid follower of vogue, however I do have a fantastic appreciation and respect for the pursuit of refined vogue and elegance. It’s a fun, fantastic way to precise oneself, particularly in my line of labor, which is so visual. My private model may be very minimal on a day-to-day basis—denim and black t-shirts principally. I put on plenty of darkish clothing as a result of I’ve honest skin and I feel the distinction suits me. I even have a factor for beautifully patterned pieces like the feather printed shirt in Ferragamo’s present F/W collection.

Do you have got any style pet peeves?

EGP Perhaps flip flops with denims and a button down? The flip flop part…but I attempt to not take different people’s fashion too personally.

Tell us about your upcoming projects. How do you relate to the characters you play in the Curse of Sleeping Magnificence and Eden?

EGP I am very excited to say both films might be coming out soon, and Eden really debuted in choose theaters and on iTunes on September 18. The characters, whereas completely different, share many qualities. In Eden, I play Andreas, who’s been thrust into an extreme situation through which he should stand up for his concepts of survival on an uninhabited island with no assurance of rescue. He’s immediately confronted with a life and dying situation and takes a less than optimistic perspective. In Curse of Sleeping Magnificence, I play Thomas, who can be dealt a tough dose of life and death, but he takes it on with extra intrigue and positivity. Both characters are very decided to do what they believe is right.

The Curse of Sleeping Magnificence is predicated on a fairy tale. What was your favorite fairy tale Salvatore_Riina rising up? And do you see your self as more of a Prince Charming or a villain?

EGP I would have to say Hansel and Gretel was my favourite fairy tale. It is wondrous and terrifying and I love the aspect of revenge that is there. I see myself as each, however I must admit, I very much enjoy myself as a villain.

You apply classical cello, and Muay Thai. Have you ever thought-about one other profession or did you always know you wanted to act?

EGP While those disciplines have been hugely informing, I by no means really thought-about doing something but appearing. I discover each journalism and psychology very fascinating because of the human investigation they require. Acting supplies me with that plus an enormous freedom for creative exploration. In some methods I think there isn’t any higher strategy to know oneself and others. I’ve always been very curious about the human expertise.

What was your relationship like with your grandfather? Is he an inspiration? And do you may have a favorite film of his?

EGP My relationship with my grandfather wasn’t as close as I might have appreciated. He is not a direct inspiration, but I do not doubt there’s something of him driving me beneath my pores and skin. It is laborious to deny how special To Kill a Mockingbird is; it’s nonetheless relevant and I think it always will probably be.

Now that you are absolutely immersed in your performing profession, is there something you wished you can ask your grandfather? If so, what would or not it’s?

EGP Positively. I wish I could ask him about some the feelings I’ve about doubt, about worry, and how he dealt with them.

Did you enjoy being a part of this Ferragamo quick movie? Was it a unique expertise than taking part in a task for tv or for a movie?

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EGP I did! How cool it was. I really feel fortunate to have had the chance to take part in something like this. It was different than movie and tv, yes. There’s a dreamlike tone to the piece. It is a heightened reality outside of story; it is a temper.

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