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Lizzie As A Mummy

Why nervous We had been slightly above the 20kg baggage restrict on each of our test-in luggages, and I actually didn’t fancy having to repack or dump stuff at the counter.

Alhamdulillah, the lady barely blinked a watch at our luggage weight (I later discovered that absolutely the max was 23kg anyway), and even supplied to put our hand carry within the examine in free of charge. After we declined (takut woooo check in bag Chanel and Dior!), she insisted on weighing our handcarry and even asked us to place our bag within the handcarry dimension checker. We had been 1kg over the handcarry restrict but she allow us to off. *pheww*

Anyway, that’s over and completed with. We are at the moment on the final leg of our 10th anniversary honeymoon. We leave Paris for KL tomorrow! *sob sob* So this is a short recap of Florence before our journey ends for good!

I really can’t find a phrase for Florence. If Venice was romantic and Rome was historical, effectively Florence is erm erm a shopaholic’s dream Okay the Florence marble duomo is gorgeous and the view of the town from atop Piazzale Michelangelo was magnificent. However the thing that excited me most about Florence was the outlet shopping! *giggles*

We took the first bus within the morning to The Mall. There was already a long line in entrance of the Prada store. When you enter, you will be given a number. Browse round for whatever interests you then simply ask the SA to scan the merchandise you need to your quantity. My tip, e book your objects, exit the store and visit different manufacturers, then come back and purchase it ferragamo wallet bow after you are really happy that there is not the rest that may substitute your earlier selection. Because Prada is so huge that generally it can be slightly overwhelming. They hold your objects for about two hours anyway, so you’ve received loads of time to determine on your purchase.

My injury Two Prada baggage, one Prada wallet, one Dior procuring tote, two Ferragamo heels and one Gucci flats. #imsobroke #hellomeemaggi

On our second day in Florence, we made a visit to visit Pisa. Took a prepare there, and as we were strolling in the direction of the practice platform, a ‘friendly’ Italian lady asked whether or not we had validated our tickets. Failure to validate may value us a advantageous of €50 per ticket. She helped us validate our tickets and even showed us to our seats. Andddddd as anticipated, she wanted to be paid for her ‘providers’. Uuurrgghh!!! We gave her some cash but she merely refused to leave until we gave her extra. She stored saying that she saved us from having to pay a ‘fantastic’. (Takde conductor verify pun throughout the trip pegi and balik!) She finally left after we gave her a number of extra 10 euros. *shakes head* Lesson learnt!

The Leaning Tower of Pisa was… really senget!!! After i saw it, I marveled at how it could still stay vertical, and how folks dared to climb up! The fact that the tower continues to be standing, is a result of both genius engineering or pure sheer luck. The one classic picture you will need to take whenever you are in Pisa is a photograph of your self making an attempt to push the tower straight. Count on a couple of jokers in the world to slap your hand ‘hello-5’ model when you’re doing this pose! *chuckles*

Anyway, that’s all for now. Aircraft is touchdown in Paris quickly. We’re staying right smack beside the Eiffel Tower so hopefully our hotel room gives us a great view. Tomorrow we’re taking the morning flight back to KL; want us luck with the VAT claims! Cannot wait to meet the youngsters; Aiden is already counting the times until we get again. Ian alternatively, (at any time when he agrees to speak on the phone) will solely manage a “Heyooo, Babaiiiiii”.

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