The so-referred to as canteen, in truth, is the lodge. In the rural area of ??Mangnan County,

people used to call the resort as a canteen, replica designer belts like the behavior of the village committee

director referred to as the same village.

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With Lin Yuanli lead the way, Replica Designer Belts quickly found the cafeteria, it’s an

unbiased pink brick home, situated on the roadside, replica ferragamo belt with crimson paint to write the

Fangzhuang canteen four characters. Outside the canteen, with a asbestos tattoos take a

shed, shed a few tables beneath the table, there are a few people are shouting five drink

six drawers.

Replica Designer Belts requested: Which is your village head Santiago ?

Replica Designer Belts squint eyes looked underneath the shed, said: No, he is usually in the

inside to drink. Canteen door hung a bamboo curtain, the home and the greenhouse into two


Replica Designer Belts nodded his head into the greenhouse, led Lin Yuanli went to bamboo

curtain aspect to go. Right now below a desk next to a table within the greenhouse but stood

a man, Chong Lin distant greeting: Yo, this isn’t a forest cadres?

The man stated he ran out, took out a field of 853 cigarettes, handed Replica Designer Belts

a, grinning and said: You are the Planning Bureau of the big cadres are usually not in the office

to work, where we get here miles?

Lao Hou, is you ah? How are you here? Replica Gucci Belts didn’t decide up the previous man

handed over 853, he waved his hand, took out a box from the pocket of Hongta Hill, handed

a to the outdated Hou said: 853 awkward, I can not get used to you.

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