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What’s Real About Carla

The Twitter world and blogosphere are heating up right this moment! Renee and Carla have taken their conflict public and don’t hassle asking me whose side I’m taking…Renee’s. I’ll sum it up for you. Renee stated one thing to the effect that Carla was ignorant and imply because she did not imagine that addiction is a disease. She added Carla was uneducated in regards to the illness. Carla had a nasty comeback to saying Renee has a drug drawback and it’s not a disease, amongst different insensitive remarks. I’ve always discovered Carla to be callous and uncaring. She is a chilly blooded and doesn’t seem very affectionate, except of course with married mobsters. She is aware of how a lot Renee and her son, AJ, have gone by means of simply because the present began, nevertheless it doesn’t cease her from taking underneath the belt, pot shots at them and their family.

Renee responds to Carla in a superb interview with Curvy Magazine and has quite a bit to say about Carla. I suggest you learn that in depth interview. As we now have blogged earlier than, Carla was the mistress of Michael “Mikey Scars” Di Leonardo, ex-husband of Toni Marie Ricci, for a variety of years. When Karen confronted her within the season two reunion present, Carla said she was simply a child of “19,” however so what, we all know Carla knew full nicely what she was doing having an affair with a married man. Michael/Mikey did quite a lot of testifying in court docket and it came out that he took Carla, his “date,” to his 40th birthday get together on a ship John Gotti Jr. stunned him with. I don’t know the names of all the opposite mobsters in Carla’s previous, however a lot of people do. I do know not less than two properties she helped wreck, Toni Marie’s and Joe Ferragamo’s first marriage. Toni Marie has been quite open concerning Carla’s previous, so it’s no secret.

Now Carla mustn’t have opened this large can of worms when she has a lot unsavory historical past that might come out. The truth always finds it’s means into the light of day. Meanwhile, I am sitting right here wondering how Carla’s Government Producer, Jenn Graziano, feels about this “filler chick,” who’s an absence luster, actuality star dissing her family in public. Maybe Carla is even gifting away a few of VH1’s plot line. Possibly she is breaching her contract is some way Perhaps she is definitely greasing the skids for her personal actuality present demise I imply what does Carla convey to the table anyway…lies

Carla lied about her age, saying she was 35 as a substitute of forty four, that first season. Carla lied saying she would go to Ramona’s Halloween Social gathering, however by no means had intention of leaving Drita’s celebration. Carla lied and stated she had no boyfriend only recently, via her publicist, nevertheless it turns out she has been seeing Handy Man since earlier than season one started. Oh, and yet one more thing, Carla lied about her connection to the mob. When interviewed by Joy Behar to start with of the present, Carla mentioned she was related to the mob by her Uncle Bruno. Carla by no means mentioned that her father Louis was an affiliate of the mob. Joy even asked her about it twice. Carla left her father out of it twice. Joy let it go, but it surely appeared to me it was written in her notes and Carla didn’t ship. Mob Mistress and that i did a variety of research before being a hundred% positive of Carla’s salvatore ferragamo incanto shine opis dad. What is actual about Carla She is as pretend as it gets.

By the way in which, I wonder what Big Ang thinks of her new best friend’s ideas that addiction will not be a illness, since her personal son, AJ, is in rehab Makes you assume, doesn’t it Carla is loyal to nobody. And make sure you read the tweets salvatore ferragamo incanto shine opis at the tip of Curvy Journal the place Joe Ferragamo confirms Carla was concerned with him while he was married! With Carla, what you see is what you get, and it’s not a lot.