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Obama Camp Presses McCain On ‘Divorced’ Remarks

Carlito @12:Forty three AM performs McCain favorite card the POW Pity card.
Boo hoo hoo… McCain can’t comb his thinning strands of hair scraped across his balding pate because he was a POW, for god’s sake. For 5 and half years, the poor man didn’t have Salvatore_Adamo comb!!!!

Boo hoo hoo… McCain can’t tie his own sneakers so he has to wear $520 Salvatore Ferragamo Italian designer superb leather slip-ons in wealthy Corinithian Brown. For god’s sake folks, the poor man was a POW for 5 and half years and he didn’t have designer footwear!!!

Boo hoo hoo… McCain cannot tell the reality about something as a result of he needed to spend years attempting to fool his captors with phony intelligence about who the Inexperienced Bay Packers, I mean the Pittsburgh Steelers, I imply the Arizona Cardinals, I mean the Los Angeles Raiders, I imply the St. Louis Rams, I imply the Carolina Panthers, I mean the Jacksonville Jaguars, I mean the new York Titans, I mean the Milwaukee Braves… For god’s sake folks for five and half years the man was POW and needed to memorize the names of teams that didn’t exist then and don’t exist now to confuse the enemy.

Being a POW does not qualify you to be commander-in-chief. Not being ready to lift your arms does not qualify you to salvatore ferragamo loafers mens white be commander-in-chief. If it did, we’d be celebrating President Max Cleland who cannot walk because he has no legs, has however one arm. The hypocrites within the Republican get together — and that includes John McCain — noticed fit denigrate Cleland service. And that of Tammy Duckworth, for example, who misplaced both legs in Iraq.