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Authentic Eyeglasses And Sunglasses. Model-New Eyewear

Fe 1786B c.656 Ferragamo optical body 5 stars rating status. Rating is predicated on a buyer preferences
ranking standing
Complete pair of glasses identify: Fe 1786B c.656 optical/mild brown steel with swarovski crystals by Ferragamo
* Lens coloration: optical
* Frame color: mild brown metal with swarovski crystals
* Gender: womens
* with Swarovski crystals
* Discounted value: $194.00
* MSRP price: $270.00
* 2008 style line
* Form of frame: rectangular
* Made from: metal

Gucci sunglasses fashion line. 5 stars ranking for GG 3138 S c.F3IJJ product
Gucci Sunglasses. product name: GG 3138 S c.F3IJJ 5 stars charge. Charge offered by MDA Optical Lab, Inc.
Complete product identify: GG 3138 S c.F3IJJ gray gradient/shiny black plastic by Gucci
* Lens coloration: grey gradient
* Frame coloration: shiny black plastic
* Male/Female/Unisex: womens
* Polished body materials
* Discounted worth: $194.00
* MSRP value: $250.00
* Merchandise from 2010 style collection
* Form of body: oval modified
* Produced from: plastic

Trend GG 2873 S c.PW0S8 mannequin. Popular designer sunnies assortment.
GG 2873 S c.PW0S8 Gucci sunnies 5 stars buyer appraisal. If you have any kind of inquiries about where along with the way to employ Salvatore_Accardo, it is possible to e-mail us on the webpage. Charge is predicated on a present buyrs preferences
buyer appraisal
Complete model identify: GG 2873 S c.PW0S8 brown gradient/shiny gold metal & havana brown plastic by Gucci
* Lens colour: brown gradient
* Body colour: shiny gold steel & havana brown plastic
* Mens/Womens/Unisex: womens
* Shiny body materials
* Discounted value: $214.00
* MSRP value: $270.00
* 2010 designer assortment
* Mannequin form: rectangular
* Model materials: steel

Ray Ban Junior RY 1024 c.4007 model
Patrons preferences – RY 1024 c.4007 5 stars patrons preferences. Charge relies on a present buyrs preferences
buyers preferences
Whole model title: RY 1024 c.4007 optical/shiny fuxia metallic & shiny violet plastic by Ray Ban Junior
* Lens shade: optical
* Frame color: shiny fuxia metallic & shiny violet plastic
* Mens/Womens/Unisex: kids
* Shiny frame material
* Discounted worth: $99.00
* MSRP value: $140.00
* 2011 designer collection
* Model form: oval modified
* Body matter: steel and plastic

Half Jacket XLJ c.03-659 designer eyewear from Oakley trend line
Half Jacket XLJ c.03-659 current 5 stars recognition. (placed by ABS – MDA Optical Lab, Inc.)
Total merchandise identify: Half Jacket XLJ c.03-659 g30/jet black plastic by Oakley
* Lens shade: g30
* Frame shade: jet black plastic
* Unisex/Male/Feminine: mens
* Discounted value: white ferragamo loafers $144.00
* MSRP price: $179.00
* 2009 yr
* Common kind: rectangular
* Frame elements: plastic
* Product model: semi-rimless

The TF Georgette TF154 c.12B pair of Sunglasses was marked as higher-rated product

TF Georgette TF154 c.12B Tom Ford 5 stars class. Price introduced by MDA Optical Lab, Inc.