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Rich Hanson Didn’t Win The Powerball

Wealthy Hanson is the name of yet one more prankster who claims to have won the Powerball on January thirteenth, 2015. However, Rich Hanson did not win the Powerball. Wealthy Hanson has taken to social media and even created a change.org petition claiming that he was gained the Powerball and will be giving freely $10,000 to people who share his “winning” Facebook put up. Obviously this is not true since Rich Hanson did not win the Powerball.

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Rich Hanson created a Facebook web page referred to as “An act of Kindness – lotto giveaway” and even began an online petition (that at present has no content on it) which claims that he will give away $10,000. Rich Hanson claims that should you share his publish that you will obtain $10,000 from him. The put up he needs people to share is an edited image of Rich Hanson holding a Powerball ticket with the successful numbers. The image was obviously edited with software program like Photoshop. The ticket doesn’t include traces B by means of E which is a right away confirmation that the picture is doctored. Wealthy Hanson additionally has many random photographs that look Photoshopped, womens ferragamo belt big buckle including an image of him standing next to a lion. Even though the winning Powerball ticket picture is clearly a fake the truth that Rich Hanson is comfy with Photoshop helps debunk the Wealthy Hanson hoax even additional.

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Rich Hanson does not live in a state the place successful tickets have been bought. Rich Hanson lives in Virginia and the successful tickets are from California, Tennessee, and Florida. A number of the winners including John and Lisa Robinson have already been recognized.

The Wealthy Hanson hoax is solely a joke by Rich Hanson. It is not a malicious like-farming rip-off, survey-rip-off, or other kind of rip-off that hijacks your Fb account and posts in your behalf just like the JohnAndLisaGiveBack rip-off. Rich Hanson purely desires to prank people and have a few laughs on the expense of others. It’s unethical, misleading, weird, and crazy, however it is also harmless compared to different related hoaxes and scams.

There have been many Powerball hoaxes with folks like Matthew Kimball and Rickstarr Ferragamo additionally claiming to have received the Powerball. These folks also fraudulently state that they will give away their earnings to individuals who share their posts.

Don’t be fooled by the latest round of Powerball scams and hoaxes. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is! Do your research before you want, share, womens ferragamo belt big buckle promote, or comment on something. Do not share your personal information or fill out on-line surveys.